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Hyundai Dealer EV Shopper Assistant

Exclusively available now.

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Shoppers considering EVs have lots of questions, and the Hyundai EV Hub has the answers. It is critical that Hyundai dealers are prepared to counter consumer barriers to purchase with trusted and reliable EV education and personalized shopping tools. Hyundai’s Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI) from the most recent J.D. Power SSI study has diminished based on dealers’ inability to answer consumer questions around EV ownership. Rapid improvements are needed to close the gaps in factors such as product knowledge and vehicle delivery.

This Dealer EV Shopper Assistant provides great value to you as a dealer in building your shoppers’ EV knowledge and increasing your SSI right away.

Click the EV widgets below to access information important to your Hyundai EV shoppers from your mobile device or desktop. Bookmark the link and be sure all your dealership sales employees have access.

Icon for an EV tax incentives search tool

Tax Incentives & Utility Rebates

Incentives can add up to $10k+ depending on vehicle and car buyer, so let your shoppers in on some good news! Look up all available federal, state, local and utility incentives available at the make/model level with the purchase of a Hyundai electric vehicle.

Icon for Explore IncentivesExplore Incentives

Icon for an EV savings calculator tool

Savings Calculator

It's what every shopper wants to know - what really is the price difference? This helpful widget compares EV and gas-powered vehicles at the make/model level. Total cost of ownership calculations include tax incentives and fuel costs.

Icon for Discover SavingsDiscover Savings

Icon for an EV emissions comparison tool

Emissions Comparisons

Let shoppers know how they can help save the planet. Present them with the CO2 emissions savings of an EV vs. a comparative ICE vehicle. Compare vehicles at the make/model level, and pollution reduction is calculated based on zip code.

Icon for Compare EmissionsCompare Emissions

Icon for an EV public charger search tool

Public Charging Maps

Charging remains a big concern for traditional car shoppers. Use this handy tool to help your shoppers map out their typical routes, from a simple charger map, a route calculator, a range radius map or a combination of these.

Icon for Browse MapsBrowse Maps

Icon for an EV home charger search tool

Home Charger Catalog

Shoppers are unfamiliar with available home charging options. This widget showcases certified home chargers across all available brands. Once your shopper feels informed about charger vendors or appropriate products from neutral marketplaces (such as Amazon), suddenly the process of home charging will feel a lot less daunting.

Icon for Find ChargersFind Chargers

Icon for a local electrician search tool

Local Qualified Electricians

You helped your shopper find a suitable charger, now how to get it installed? Because they’re new to EVs, shoppers likely won’t have a qualified electrician on speed dial. Connect your shoppers using this resource that displays qualified electricians on a map with their contact information. Electricians are certified by ClipperCreek, Bosch and Tesla.

Icon for Find InstallersFind Installers

Hyundai EV Hub

Consumer-Facing Landing Page is Now Available for Dealer Website Integration.

Educate consumers and overcome challenges with a Hyundai EV-specific video landing page for your dealer website. The Hyundai EV Hub addresses top EV ownership concerns as identified by J.D. Power research, from EV charging questions and range anxiety to EV total cost of ownership and purchase incentives. This trusted source can become the primary destination for EV-focused dealer ad campaign or for organic EV shoppers who land on your site. The Hyundai EV Hub houses a collection of EV educational videos, links to all your EV models and inventory, as well as a variety of consumer tools from J.D. Power - the industry authority on EVs.

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EV Hub Overview

Customer Educational Videos

Share these videos with EV Shoppers to help pave the way for more closed sales.

Tax incentive and benefit information shown depends on offer availability, individual eligibility and tax circumstances. J.D. Power does not provide tax, legal or accounting advice. This material is provided for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for tax, legal or accounting advice. You should consult your own tax, legal and accounting advisors before engaging in any transaction. Electricians are sourced from third party charging equipment providers who maintain qualified electrician lists.